White Paper


Euclid is a new and innovative cloud mining platform where you can mine EUC tokens. Euclid is powered by two young crypto entrepreneurs who strongly encourage the transformation of mining from traditional GPU mining to cloud mining. Euclid’s main goal isn’t only creating a whole new cloud mining platform.

Euclid aims to create an innovative multi-functional cloud mining app introducing new features which intends to provide opportunities to its users. Euclid’s prior goal is to provide an opportunity to people who want to begin crypto trading but don’t want to risk their money.

Core Team

Euclid is powered by a core team of experts specializing in blockchain developers, internet, crypto economy, mathematics and project management led by two young entrepreneurs. The leading entrepreneurs executed this project because of their hard times getting into crypto trading and crypto mining. The main goal of the entrepreneurs is to make crypto trading and mining easy and reachable for everyone across the world.

The goal is arised from the hard times of them. They learned crypto trading and mining from the hard way and emphatized people who will experience or currently experiencing these hard times. Their prior goal is to prevent every single person from experiencing those hard times. Euclid’s initial development is being funded by the entrepreneurs by themselves

Goal of Euclid

Euclid is designed to build-up a secure environment where investors and miners can obtain crypto income and provide opportunities to its users in order to start mining and trading crypto without any risk. Euclid will build up a innovatie platform with a multi-functional app, introducing new features like staking in cloud mining.

Euclid is equipped with various policies in order to increase the value of the Euclid Token (EUC). These policies are mainly designed in order to create a secure ecosystem for people new to crypto. These policies will make everything easy to understand and build an environment for gaining experience without losing but with earning in crypto… Earning and learning in the easy way.

Extras of Euclid

Euclid isn’t only a crypto project. Euclid aims to make the world better for everyone, not only giving an opportunity to people who are new or want to begin crypto trading or mining. Euclid will donate 3% of its in-app advertisement which will exist in order to fund the whole project in the further steps Euclid won’t provide only economical support. Euclid will provide free courses for its users new to crypto. Euclid will execute giveaways in order to give a head-start to it’s users who want to begin crypto trading with big amounts.

How it works?

In the euclid miners will press the start mining button in order to start their 12hr earning session. Euclid miners will earn euclid tokens based on a formula. A base rate will be active depending on the miners in the network. Formula is (base rate, x/hr) + (10% of the base rate multiplied by the active miners in the earning team). This going to be called the active rate. Active rate is still increasable by watching ads, in the first ad 1.5x and in the second ad 2x. For example let's say base rate is 1/hr and miner has 2 miners in his/her earning team he/her will have a active rate of 1.2/hr, if he/she watch an ad for extra rate it will increase to 1.8/hr if he/she watch an extra ad rate will increase to 2.4/hr. Base rate will start with 1/hr and decrease due to user count. 1/d if users < 10.000, 0,5/d if users < 100.000, 0,1/d if users < 1.000.000, 0,05/d if users < 10.000.000, 0,025/d if users < 100.000.000, 0,01/d if users <

Moreover, a staking system will be included in the app, Miners will be able to stake their coins in a system of increasing reward directly proportional to the stake duration by months. These rates will be 30 days 7%/mo, 90 days 10%/mo, 180 days 11%/mo, 365 days 12%/mo. Formula will be (staked coin)+(rate multiplied by number of months). For example, if miners stakes 100 EUC for 3 months (staked coins = 100) + (rate %10 = 10, multiplied by 3 months) = 100 + 10x3 = 130 so miner will receive 130 coins as an outcome. If miner wants to cancel the stake through to period he or she will recieve the tokens back without any reward

Lastly, miners will be able to withdraw their token (withdrawal platforms will be announced soon) with limit starting with %25 per month in 2023 Q3, incresing to %50 per month in 2023 Q4 and the limit will be completely unactive in 2024 Q1 (Dates can be changed due to the user count of the network)

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